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Conan by Fabian





by Les Edwards

Kull by Severin

Actually, it’s closer to Andrea Dworkin and John Norman fighting each other with rusty knives, while Robert E. Howard presses a borrowed handgun to his temple. 

“The Fury of the Femizons” takes place in a future world run by the U.S.A. — the United Sisterhood Alliance, that is — a gynocracy established after the women of the world had enough of males’ oppression, belligerence, and habit of sending unsolicited photos of their genitals.

Those were some grim times, let me tell you — mass confiscation of fedoras, rows and rows of manacled bros forced to march for days without even a sip of Gamer Fuel, the agonized pleas of “NOT ALL MEN” cruelly ignored by the God-Empress Sarkeesian. 

The women of the Sisterhood spend their days engaged in gladiatorial combat or culling the herds of feral males and spend their nights having sandwiches brought to them by domesticated sex slaves — all in accordance with the established principles of radical feminist theory. (“Objective #1: Overthrow the patriarchy. Objective #2: Get fitted for metal corsets that expose maximum cleavage.”)…