1. czarinaqueenofallthatbynati8nn


  2. If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to film it does it make a GIF?


  3. Japanese schoolgirls doing parkour? Great now I have another fetish. Nice going Internet…

  5. morrigan_hel


  11. Let the GIF party begin!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. Meanwhile in Scarfolk…


    Experts eventually developed ‘kneeling at an angle’ which they determined could protect a person from the following dangers: an attack by a rabid animal, falling out of a seventh storey window, a chip pan fire or nuclear attack, being electrocuted by a feral robot, being thrown by a professional wrestler…


  13. Go toe to toe with the animated short FINGERS TALE


  15. LOLITA as a Disney princess?

    From Jason Porath’s very clever website REJECTED PRINCESSES

    Vladimir Nabokov’s book and its titular character have entered common lexicon at this point, but as a recap: the main character, Humbert Humbert (a man so nice they named him twice), is rooming at a place in New England, where he meets 12-year-old Dolores — whom he calls Lolita. He gets obsessed with her, going so far as to marry her mother so he can be close to her. When the mom dies, Humbert starts shacking up with Lolita, and the two end up going on an incredibly long and epically uncomfortable-to-read-about road trip. Eventually she runs away from him, hooking up with a shady playwright, who later tries getting her into porn. Years later, Lolita, now abandoned, destitute, and pregnant, seeks out Humbert for help. Humbert proceeds to kill the playwright, get thrown into jail, and write the book you’ve been reading, as his memoirs…